Removing grease from concrete at a fast food restaurant in Kemah TX

    So as many pressure washing companies know, hot water is essential to clean concrete for commercial properties due to heavy traffic.  What I have discovered is that on areas where "shortening" or in English "grease" is frequently spilt (typically at the rear door of the restaurant) hot water is insufficient in cleaning. 

    I am very skeptical when experimenting with a "new" chemical.  Most sales people will tell you this chemical is the best in the market, and that you need to buy our product because you won't regret it...  Only to regret it after you buy it, realizing it doesn't work.

    This month was different.  I decided to try "Spartan".  This chemical did a number on the grease.  When you look at the photo, you will be able to see where I did not use it, and where I did.  ALL of this surface was cleaned with hot water prior to applying.  

    This is what puts pressure washing companies apart from others.  Using good chemical and applying it properly can put you above the companies who just use a cold water pressure washer they bought at Home Depot.  This kind of service lets the customer know they purchased a "value meal" instead of the "dollar meal".   

    If anyone has any questions on how to get this product or how it was applied contact me at or by text at 713-203-4094.


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